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SlimLipo™ Advanced Dual-Wavelength Laser Liposuction | SlimLipo Liposuction

Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction was introduced in the U.S. in the late 70's. Since that time, liposuction has grown to become one of the top three cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States for both men and women. In 2015, nearly 400,000 liposuction procedures were performed.1

Slim lipo Before and After Dallas, Fort Worth and Richardson, TX

Traditional suction-assisted lipoplasty (liposuction) has been used for many years and has potential disadvantages in comparison with new technologies. With the traditional procedure, the fat is suctioned with a sharp-edged port, shearing and removing all tissue that it comes in contact with. Since nerves, blood vessels, and important connective tissue may be damaged in the process, recovery can include considerable bruising and post-operative pain.

The end result may often be uneven, sometimes more so than before the surgery. Also, because the patient is often put to sleep for the procedure, it may be difficult for the surgeon to position the patient to obtain the most uniform sculpting result.

While Dr. Roberts does perform traditional liposuction procedures in conjunction with face lift procedures, he only performs traditional liposuction for patients who can afford the downtime associated with a face lift procedure. For all other patients, Dr. Roberts performs the new advanced SlimLipo™ dual wavelength laser liposuction procedure.


Smartlipo™ revolutionized liposuction when it was introduced in 2006 because it tightens the skin while reducing fat. Now a second-generation technology, SlimLipo™, has been approved by the FDA for liposuction procedures.

Slim lipo Before and After Richardson, TX

SlimLipo™ is a significant advancement over first-generation laser liposuction technologies. Like the older technologies, SlimLipo™ utilizes a laser to tighten skin as it removes fat. However, SlimLipo™ has a patented new advancement that incorporates dual wavelengths and a more powerful laser to target fat cells more directly and tighten skin more effectively. This allows even better contouring and more fat reduction than the original laser liposuction technologies.

Slim lipo Before and After Dallas, Fort Worth and Richardson, TX

SlimLipo™ selectively targets fat cells, leaving nerves and blood vessels largely undisturbed, so the recovery time of these procedures is a fraction of the recovery time of traditional liposuction. For this reason, many patients are back to work the next day.

Slimlipo Before and After Dallas, Fort Worth and Richardson, TX

SlimLipo's patented technology, utilizes dual laser wavelengths that specifically target fat cells, vaporizing fat cells and melting larger pockets of fat. It also incorporates continuous lasing, an improvement over the pulsed lasing of earlier laser lipo technologies, for smooth contouring.

Slim lipo Before and After Dallas, Fort Worth and Richardson, TX

With SlimLipo™, a tiny laser fiber is introduced through a small cannula, delivering energy directly to subcutaneous fat cells with a 924 nm continuous wave laser. In addition to removing fat, the emitted energy also coagulates tissue, thus inducing collagen retraction and tissue tightening.

The cannula's small size and laser-induced coagulation result in minimal bruising and significantly faster healing time than traditional liposuction. Typically, the incision is so small that it does not require a suture.

SlimLipo™ is performed with local anesthesia, meaning you are not put to sleep for the procedure. Roberts Cosmetic Surgery Center utilizes SlimLipo™ for treatment of traditionally difficult areas: abdomen, love handles, "bra fat", male breasts, knees, flabby arms and thighs.

Who is not a good candidate for Slimlipo?

Liposuction is not intended for weight-loss. Individuals who are obese, or have a lot of intra-abdominal fat (fat that you cannot grab), or whose weight is continuing to increase are not typically the best candidates for liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction or dual-wavelength SlimLipo. If you have an auto-immune disorder or other serious medical condition, then you might might not be a good candidate. Also, if you are seeking to address cellulite specifically, or have only loose skin without much fat, or if you do not have realistic expectations, then you may not be a great candidate, as well. With SlimLipo™ laser liposuction, once the fat cell is destroyed, it is gone forever.

Before & After

Before and after photos on this page are actual patients of Dr. Roberts.

Gregory Roberts, MD one of the first physicians to perform laser liposuction procedures, and is among a select few U.S. physicians in offering the advanced SlimLipo dual-wavelength laser liposuction.

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All Before After pictures depicted on page are actual Roberts' patients unless indicated otherwise. Banner pictures of individuals on this page are typically models (not patients), unless indicated otherwise.

1Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery